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Hair Transplant - FUE and FUHT Strip Method

At Sai Shraddha Cosmetic Clinic Pune India, we specialize in FUE Hair Restoration surgery, replacement, weaving, implant and Hair loss treatment, male pattern baldness treatment by Mesotherapy and stem cell therapy for men and women. Our Cost is less than any other clinic in India with best quality. We also provide solutions for Eyebrow Hair Loss Treatment, Eyelash Transplants, Eyebrow transplant and moustache and beard hair transplant.

it is practiced using two methods, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUHT (Follicle Unit Hair Transplant also known as strip method). Both these techniques are universally similar and have hardly any big differences to debate upon

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) - Under this procedure the surgeon extracts one follicular unit at a time with a punch ranging from 0.7mm to 1 mm and leaves a small little mark. The advantage of FUE is that there is no linear scar but there are some small round pits from which the follicles are extracted. There is minimum pain during the FUE healing process. At Fue technique; Hair are taken in groups of 1 and 2. In most cases the complete head is shaved off. It is advisable to have not more than 3000 follicles in one sitting. This is a good method where a smaller area needs to be covered. its cost is more and also the surgery time is more.

FUHT (Follicle Unit Hair Transplant also known as strip method) - It is a method where the surgeon will harvest a strip of tissue creating a liner scar from one ear to other. Nowadays, most surgeons are using the tricophytic closure technique to minimize the visibility of the scar and it proves success if done correctly. FUHT slightly uncomfortable than FUE, but you can get it for a very competitive price. In this technique the grafts are taken collectively by the expert team then they are separated to singlet. In this case you get more density in one sitting. Anti Inflammatory drugs are to be taken for few days.

seven levels of loss

Causes for hair loss in men

Male hair loss, also known as Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness, is originated by the effect of the male hormones, called androgens, on genetically predisposed follicles (passed down the family tree). For those who are prone to hair loss, within these genetically programmed hair follicles the male hormone 'testosterone' is converted into the androgen 'Dihydrotestosterone', or 'DHT', by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. It is the effect of this DHT that inhibits the growth of new hair cells, which in turn leads to male hair loss and in many cases, eventual baldness. Apart from these, the genes, hormones and age as well play a vital factor in the androgenetic.

Causes for hair loss in women

Just like in men, Androgenetic Alopecia is the main cause in women as well. Apart from the hereditary causes the following reasons have been identified for hair loss in women.

it can be due to a hormonal unbalance for reasons such as Hyperthyroidism (insufficient thyroid hormones) or Hyperandrogeny (too many male hormones) Hypo-oestrogeny (insufficient female hormones) which explains the hair loss in post-menopausal women.

It can also be due to mineral or vitamin deficiency such as Iron, copper, magnesium, protein or Vitamin B deficiency. Excessive medication related to anti-cancer, anticonvulsive, anti-thyroid drugs could also play an important role in its loss for women

Hair Transplant Cost
Location FUE FUT
Pune Rs. 45 / Graft Rs. 35 / Graft
Mumbai Rs. 60 / Graft Rs. 45 / Graft
Indore Rs. 55 / Graft Rs .45 / Graft
Delhi Rs. 60 / Graft Rs.45 / Graft
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